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Qualität - Das Gegenteil von Zufall

Organigramm der PflegeService Wirtz KG - Qualitätsmanagement

We are amongst those companies that like to leave as little as possible to chance.

For that reason, we aim for continuous improvement through our own quality management system.

We work according to standards and procedures that comply with the current state of scientific knowledge, in order to guarantee such high quality nursing care.

Qualitätsprüfung und -sicherung

All staff involved in patient care (Nurse Manager, Manager Quality Assurance, employees of the transitional unit, and the local permanent staff) receive both internal and external training on a regular basis. These professional training and development programs are job-specific, and in particular, focus on intensive nursing subjects.

The company ensures that each team has access to the most current scientific literature and professional journals. In addition, the company's internal standards and procedural guidelines, which comply with generally recognised care based scientific knowledge are also available to each team. Each employees is required to provide a signed acknowledgement that they will comply with the company's internal standards and procedural guidelines.

Management Intensivpflege und Heimbeatmung
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