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Are you waiting to be discharged from hospital? Have you decided to work with us? Evaluation of living conditions and of the domestic circumstances: We will support you with formalities such as:
You will receive an initial hospital visit from one of our specialist staff, early during your treatment.

We will help you in negotiations with your insurer.

In cooperation with all the parties concerned during your hospitalization (doctors, nursing staff, social workers, relatives) we will determine the actual state of your medical condition and establish the following therapy and care parameters. We will procure and organize the required nursing aids and medical devices.

An evaluation and advisory service will take place at your home.

Our team will obtain an individual briefing by the hospital staff.

This will be followed by your return home using the ambulance service.

Application for classification or for an upgrade to a higher classification of nursing care insurance.

Establishing contacts with a family doctor and other local medical specialists.

Welcome home! From now on you will be cared for in your own home by a highly skilled nursing team.
And costs will be assumed either by state or private medical insurance or the social services.

If you and your relatives would like to take a break and escape from the routines of everyday life, we can also offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our services in your favourite vacation spot.
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